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National Gazpacho Day

Today’s FoodHistory

on this day in…

1492Columbus sighted the island he names Hispaniola (Now consisting of Haiti and the Dominican Republic).

1866The 2 mile long, 5 foot diameter Chicago Lake Tunnel was completed.It was the first water supply tunnel for a U.S.city.

1872Felix Archimede Pouchet died.A French naturalist, he was one of those who believed that life was created from nonliving matter in processes such as fermentation and putrefaction.Those flies and maggots, fungi, yeast and bacteria just appeared from nowhere.(He was wrong.)

1877Thomas A.Edison made the first sound recording“Mary had a little lamb”

1931Catharine Furbish died.An American botanist, she spent almost 40 years traveling and painting very accurate watercolors of the flora of the state of Maine.

1945The microwave oven was patented.

2006An outbreak of illness from the dangerousE.Coli 0157:H7was reported, with green onions as the suspected cause.Cases were reported in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, South Carolina, and Utah.